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Quick Tour of the Lab

Patrick Tait, HoA chief Mad Scientist
HoA Labs, department of "don't touch that"

This is where the magic (or rather, science) happens. First an overview. My lab is located in the basment of the House of Awesome where any and all accedental explosions and wormholes are less likely to take out the rest of the house.

Entire lab.  A large workbench with tools and parts on it, a laptop, some rolling storage containers, shelving holding parts

The workspace it's self. It doesn't have a large amount of table space, but it's more than enough for the small IC work I always do. The metal plate is there for when a smooth surface is needed, for projects dealing with electricity it's removed and I work on the more insulative wood.

workspace.  To the left is a server rack with electronics on it.  To the right is a collection of small trays.  In the center is a soldering station and a large prototyping box

The stack of science. Originally a rack holding lighting equptment for a small community collage theater department, I rescued it from the bin and it now holds my power supply and sensing equiptmnet.

Server rack holding varous electrical equiptment

If you wish to comment on my lab or happen to have a manual for the HP 1720A, send me an email at

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